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The Kohler Awaken Shower Collection – Series B + Series G are the first iterations in a series of showerhead and handshower designs offering premium showering experiences to the user at an affordable price point.
Symmetry, Rhythm and Beauty describe the purposeful patterns found in nature. Our strategy was to harness these natural underlying principles and deliver water with a sense of intended order that is both considerate of and appropriate to the showering experience.
Integrated into each design level are highly refined spray experiences curated from key user showering needs. Series B + Series G include: coverage and warmth for everyday showering, forceful rinsing for soap removal, and an intensely focused stream for both soothing aching muscles and cleaning the showering space.
The accompanying product families extend to an array of complimentary showering products including slidebars, hoses and supplies.
Kohler | Awaken Showering Collection

Role: Lead Designer, Concept Strategist.

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Ken Hanna
Owner | Designer at Kloop Studio Bellingham, WA