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The Kohler Moxie Showerhead is the first ever showerhead to incorporate an integral audio speaker that delivers sound directly through the water stream by pairing wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device. Three rings of finely tuned sprays deliver a full coverage shower from a single malleable silicon surface that breaks the paradigm of unsightly nozzles while maintaining the required properties for decalcification and cleanliness.
The idea for Moxie was born out of the confluence of social, technological and economic factors related to the showering product environment. I felt consumers had long expressed a near primal desire for music in the showering space, but that the existing solutions were either cost prohibitive or added additional clutter to already crowded environment. The proliferation of Bluetooth technology through smartphones and other devices qualified a large consumer population as potential users at the same time as the technology itself became economically viable for stand-alone consumer products. Together, these factors elicited a product opportunity to seamlessly integrate wireless music with a showerhead at a tremendous value proposition to the consumer.
As part of the design process we thoroughly examined the interplay of sound and water to determine the correct fixture shape and location. The speaker is ideally placed within the center of the showerhead to minimize audio distortion and maximize the acoustical capability for the user.
The result is an innovative showerhead designed simply and purely to emphasize its unique ability to bring personalized sound to the showering experience.
Color - a second phase of the Moxie Showerhead product strategy launched at ICFF 2013 in NYC along with a speaker stand accessory for nesting the speaker capsule outside of the shower.
Kohler | Moxie Showerhead with integrated bluetooth speaker

Role: Inventor, Designer.
Bluetooth enabled music showerhead

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Ken Hanna
Owner | Designer at Kloop Studio Bellingham, WA