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The Strela Ensemble balances proportions with fluidly organic surfaces. With the aim to de-clutter the functional bathroom space, consumers demand bathroom products that appear clean, and through consumer research it was learned that the perception is that “if it looks clean, it is clean.” No one wants to see the toilet trap, so the goal was to design a fully skirted, water saving, dual flush toilet that resonated with contemporary design desires.
All surfaces were considered to facilitate ease of cleanliness and function was subtly realized through form decisions such as curling the front edge of the bowl downward allowing the user to raise the seat without touching the bowl. Shallow sink surfaces are interrupted by subtle ridges to soften the water’s entry and minimize countertop splashing issues.
Key design elements were inspired by naturally curling paper and the way fabric assumes the form of an object it covers.
Kohler | Strela Bathroom Ensemble

Role: Designer

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Ken Hanna
Owner | Designer at Kloop Studio Bellingham, WA