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The SinuCleanse NetiCap provides instant relief for nasal congestion and sinus problems no matter your location and when safe and clean bottled water is preferred for nasal washing. The comfortable tip features a unique thread design that turns most water bottles into an instant Neti Pot allowing for easy, sanitary and immediate sinus relief.
The SinuCleanse NetiCap was an output of a strategic initiative undertaken to outline new opportunities for the SinuCleanse brand. Being among the first to dominate the Neti Pot market, SinuCleanse had seen losses in market share to their leading competitor and sought fresh ideas to revitalize their product offering.
Qualitative and quantitative market research was performed that included interviews with both users and non-users and yielded valuable insights that we were able to integrate in to actionable concepts for SinuCleanse. We then outlined the market opportunities utilizing a ‘Step, Stretch, and Leap’ product strategy and provided conceptual designs to the SinuCleanse management team. One of the many ideas that were met with great enthusiasm by SinuCleanse was the concept for a travelling cap that would affix to universal water bottles so as to provide a loyal user base the freedom to maintain their cleansing routines away from their home. SinuCleanse then turned to their own internal development and manufacturing team to implement this idea and market it as NetiCap.
Sinucleanse | NetiCap

Role: Product Strategist.

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Ken Hanna
Owner | Designer at Kloop Studio Bellingham, WA