Shop Front - LOGO by Client. Signature Logo of the Brand designed by Client. Logo represent the number "3".
Retail Design : 3 @ 47 Haji Lane, Singapore

Retail Shop.
Client: '3' by trilogue
Located at 47 Haji Lane, Singapore.
A brand new retail concept shop selling the unique street wear fashion labels from Japan, UK and Hong Kong.

Unique underground museum of street wear culture.
Shop Front was designed to provoke deep interest in the interior of the shop through minimal indication of what the shop was about.
A red frame highlight the entrance and the notice wall.
Curiosity kills the cats!
You will naturally walk into the tunnel where an auto sliding door awaits you.
Once the door opened, you will be greeted by the friendly staff behind a counter in Gold and black.
You have no choice but to go into the shop as you may be embarrassed by now.
Once you are in the shop, you will feel like being in a museum.
Focus lighting on products.
Individual pockets of different display style.
As you travel from the 1st pocket, the staff will give you a guided tour of the labels and its history.

Kenji Chung
Design Director Singapore, Singapore