Retail: United Colours Standard @ Guang Dong, China

Have Fun with colours.
Selling paints in colours.

United Colours Standard Pte. Ltd.
Supplier and retail of wall paints.

On site data collection.
Year 2010 - Most of the renovation and suppliers company in Guang Dong, China is located in a big mall; market.
Build to be like all year exhibition venue.
They will group all related suppliers in an area.
In order to stand out, I had proposed a colourful system/ branding for my Client.
Using the front and ceiling elevation to provide the users to experience the different effect of colours used.
As retail of wall paints is through colours , the end-user will only buy the paints after they confirm the colours.
Black colour represent the mixer part of the shop. To provide the cover for the Paint Titning Equipment.
Built-in cabinets for storage of paint cans.

Kenji Chung
Design Director Singapore, Singapore