Working with the Interactive Director at BBDO Detroit we concepted over 20 ideas for their website. The sleek and simple design presented above concepts how to express the attitude of the agency and it's core departments through animated 'navigators'. Audio elements would also add to the general ambience and background noise of the agency.
Here is a layout of a creative campaign. Subnav is created in the form of a simple, and very digital dialog box. The huddle of people are senstive to the mouse location. When the mouse enters an orb surrounding each 'navigator' dialog and movement are a result.
Another concept for BBDO Detroit, but more conservative and news oriented on the landing page. Phil Gant had just been hired, the image is a placeholder. Please move to the next page to see a drill-down of the Human Resources page.
Drill-down HR page. Human Resouces outsouced all of their online recruiting and was the key arguement to having the only satellite website in the BBDO Worldwide network.
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BBDO Detroit (concepts)

Kevin Hopp
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