Big Bam Balloon - Balloon Packaging for BAM Products. Happy, fun, appealling.
Calexico - Hand-Drawn illustration sample
Calexico - Hand-Drawn illustration sample
Sleeping with Steinbeck - I was commissioned to create the cover art for Kelly Dougherty's book, Sleeping with Steinbeck. The book is written in a journalistic style, so the solution was to create an organic hand-drawn piece as if the author drew the artwork herself. The style was inspired by an illustrator I saw several years ago come across my desk... I forget the name unfortunately.
Camel Flyer - A fun project with few limitations! The goal of the project was to create a youthful fun rock-n-roll/skater punk flyer. The limitation was that we had to use 'live' fonts to allow the name of the event to change from market to market. The name you see here is a placeholder.
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