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Sketches for Stamp Designs
Hanuman - The monkey king, An important character in Asian folklore.
A musical instrument from Cambodia.
Jayavarman was a king back in the founding of Cambodia. I wanted to show this face of a statue erected all throughout Cambodia because they are the largest, oldest and iconic sculptures in Khmer history.
Cambodian stamp designs, again mixing my cultural background with American aspects. I wanted to reference the old line art style of Ancient Khmer art to make these stamps look rustic, and the color and type makes them more modern and easier to read. One hard thing about this project was how we had to condense important aspects of our culture only into 4 pieces. I chose to depict Agriculture, Entertainment, Music, and History.
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Khmer Cultural Awareness Project

Various pieces representing a mix of my Khmer and American cultures. Southeast Asian art is so amazing to me so I wanted to translate it with my own style into various types of communication.

Kevin Pha
Graphic Design + Illustration Dallas, TX