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Showtime! Guitar and Light Performer - Jan and Steven are shopping for their 4-year-old son's birthday. Every toy is bright and colorful, but what about something educational? He's too young for this one, but a simpler one he will grow out of. Jan doesn't want her son growing up in front of the TV playing video games, but Steven doesn't want to buy something that will be forgotten in a month. If only there was a fun, educational toy that would grow with their young boy.
Showtime! Guitar and Light Performer - Our research began with a general look into the lives of everyday people in the 1980's. We were able to identify social movements in the 1980's which were important to defining the era. To further the research, we also interviewed people who were active in the toy market. We also researched toys, especially those which still exist today. By tracking the evolution of the toys it’s easy to see how the wants of the consumer have changed and incorporate that into the final design.
Showtime! Guitar and Light Performer - After refining six concepts, concept 2 and 4 were combined to produce the final idea. This toy is designed for 3-5 year olds and reflects their aesthetics and game playing ability. The final design was created to engage the child and reflect Hasbro's brand identity.
Showtime! Guitar and Light Performer
Showtime! Guitar and Light Performer - The Showtime Guitar has two interactive parts to give children the thrill of performing. The guitar's six different colored actions correspond to the six different color combinations which can be shown on the light amp. Two different levels of difficulty make sure that the child doesn't outgrow the toy too fast.
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