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Aquateam Shop Elements, Italy - Conceptualization of various shop elements for the Swimwear store Aquateam. The project was done in association with Grottini Shop Systems, Italy.
The manufacturing process led to an
element of semi-circular flaps which forms the connecting link between various shop elements.
Aquateam, Italy - The promo table is worked upon.The design element of a semi-circular flap from the gondola is taken forward.
Aquateam Shop Elements, Italy - This is a promotional table for the shop.
The semi-circular element is enhanced here by simple cut outs. The construction of the
carcase is worked upon to make it cost
effective and stable. The Promo table does not require any metal components as
structural support.
Aquateam Shop Elements, Italy - The look of the entire store is kept vibrant with use of multiple colours and playful forms.
Head2toe (Cosmetic store in India) - The entire look of the store was
conceptualized. Pink acrylic is used along with striped white laminate and glass.
Freedom Wear Shop Elements, India - This new concept store for kids was designedfor the apparel brand Freedom Wear.
The Power wall and the Gondoal unit is
inspired by cheese, an element that the kids can relate to.The boldness of the form portrays an attitude of playfulness and fun.The manufacturing is extremely simple which is the uniqueness of the design.
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Retail Design
Khushboo Gupta
Founder - The Designbird New Delhi - Milan - Ahmedabad- Mumbai, India