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The Zlata Light_flexible light from Luffa plant

Zlata Light
100x3(cm), March 2015

• Luffa plant x1
• Led light
• Metal wire

Zlata is a flexible tube light made by vegetable fiber plant called Luffa.

Young Luffa is an edible vegetable ilke zucchini, however the mature one is traditionally used as a ‘sponge’ and nowadays it is a friendly name for beauty product in bathroom.

We aimed to bring out the complete usage of this light, flexible, fiber structural material that could eventually become a cleaning tool at the end of its life time and be 100% biodegradable.

Zlata is flexible to make any foam. Roll around the magazine to make your own table light or simply hold any object. Ideal for mood light, remove the inner Led light to use as natural sponge.

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Kim Gensapa