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Coca-Cola + Bench/ Bottle Wrap - Bottle wrap concept for Coca-cola in partnership with Bench/ (a clothing company).
Coca-Cola Wired Logo Concept - Logo design for Coca-cola corporations marketing cluster. Concept.
Coca-Cola Light Slim Can - Coca-cola light slim can concept.
Coca-Cola Bottle Wrap - Masskara festival bottle wrap for Coca-Cola. Launched during the Masskara festival 2006.
Coca-Cola Bottle Wrap - Penafrancia festival bottle wrap design. Launched during the Penafrancia festival 2006.
Sprite Ice Sampling Booth Concept - Sprite Ice sampling booth concept.
Promo M/F Clothing - Clothing concepts for a sampling activation of Coca-cola light. Stock imaging used for the models.
Coca-Cola Projects
Justin Teh
Art Director Mandaluyong, Philippines