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FirstBuild Cold Brew Coffee

Designed and entered for FirstBuild's Cold Brew Coffee Challenge, my entry, the Well Brewer makes great cold brew coffee with no buttons. Just depress the lever, sit back and admire the form and materials that come together in just the right way. A lot like how you’ll start to feel after your first cup.

The Well Brewer is made out of machined Walnut and powder coated aluminum, available in a limited number of FirstBuild colors. The reservoir and carafe are lab-quality glass mated with powder coated aluminum handles and walnut grips.

All of the mechanical and electrical components are housed inside of an extruded aluminum tube that also serves as the structure for the brewer.

Total design & modeling time: 14 hours

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Kip Nordby
Industrial Designer Seattle, WA