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The rough american black cherry lumber.
Each of these boards will get surfaced and cut in half lengthwise.
A rough cut and re-sawn board awaiting the planer.
Laying out the table looking for the best color and tone match across all boards.
The 8" wide cherry boards and the 1/8th inch strips of walnut that highlight the seams all glued up and ready to go.
The rough blanks glued up, planed to thickness, cut to length and width.
Getting the table saw ready.
Routing the stop dadoes to accept the c channel steel on the legs. This will give the table a completely flat surface on top and bottom.
The legs laid out, awaiting the tops. Note the groove cut in the channel steel, this will allow the table to be pulled apart and have a leaf added with only 2 wing bolts to adjust.
Table fitted without the additional 16" wide leaf (seen in later pictures).
The table in the middle of final assembly.
Here she is awaiting the addition of the central leaf.
The table with the center leaf in, all buttoned up.
The final product in its finished state.
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Northwest Modern Dining Table

Designed for a client in Seattle with a sprawling mid century modern home. The client provided size requirements and requested a leaf to seat additional diners.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Kip Nordby
Industrial Designer Seattle, WA