Theme: Heart
Class: 3rd November, 2023
Theme: Leaf-Peeping (Momijigari)
Class: 6th October, 2023
Theme: Pudding Dog (Pom Pom Purin)
Class: 15th June, 2023
Theme: Thank You Guys
Class: 29th May, 2023
Theme: Cheerful Dolphins
Theme: Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger 2022
Theme: Santa Flower
Class: 6th December, 2021
Theme: Fancy Wishing Tree
Class: 11th October, 2021
My First Attempt: The Virbation
Class: 25th July, 2018
Nagomi Pastel Art

"Nagomi Pastel Art is a type of therapeutic art that originated in Japan. It uses of powered pastels to create a translucent, peaceful, warm, and heartfelt art using basic yet distinctive painting techniques. The word 'Nagomi' is a Japanese word that means 'harmony, serenity, and quiet.' " Sources: the Internet

Teru Wong
DIY Lover Hong Kong, China