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HMP Chair and table - The Client (Her Majesty's Prison Service) wanted a chair & table for their segregation cells. Where there is threat to self-harm or injury, to unruly or disturbed prisoners, these prisoners are supplied with furnituret is made from triple wall cardboard and painted with fire retardant paint.

The chair and table must comply With BS 476 Pt 7 on fire retardancy. Cost was a big issue to the client, the current price of manufacture for a chair is 40 GBP
and 42.50 GBP for a table, including material and assembly costs.

The idea, behind my design was to converge the two using as little cardboard as possible thereby reducing the costs of materials and assembly.

I came up with a chair / table design constructed from double wall cardboard that allows for the required needs. The end benefit being that one unit would typically cost 20 GBP. Therefore saving 62.50 GBP per unit. It is also smaller and lighter, this makes it ideal for storing, before use. The piece can also be constructed using no glue what so ever.

Copyright Her Majesty's Prison Service
DNA sofa - The urban home is getting smaller, space for furniture even more so. The idea behind the DNA sofa was that it can be arranged and shaped for the intended use.
There are four rucksack style clips down each side and at zip at each end, allowing for the sofa to be clipped or zipped into many different combinations, a day bed, single seat sofa or armchair, and with more than one, the limit is your imagination.

Copyright Kingston University London
Stable & Kanga - Stol and table, for contract use. But what is a stool and what is a table? You decide.

Copyright K Krogh