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16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum - Sponsored by Emerson Tool Company, the objective of this project was to redesign an existing 16 gallon wet/dry vacuum cleaner. The final prototype features hose storage that is integrated into the lid, and a removable motor head which allows for easy filter cleaning and manufacturing versatility.
Fertilizer Spreader - The goal of this project, sponsored by NFT (New Fertilizer Technology), was to create a fertilizer spreader that would help increase brand recognition. The design process included researching current spreaders on the market, concept development, and model making. The final model includes such features as a grip shift setting mechanism and a concave lid for carrying extra fertilizer. The collapsible handle allows for easy storage.
Portable Easel - As part of an independent graduate project I designed this portable easel, which is based on the French style easel. The final prototype features rotating supply bins which allow the user to paint without obstructions in front of them. The telescoping legs are stowed under the easel and covered by the palette when being transported.
Tricycle Redesign - While studying in Taiwan, Auburn University students worked with Shu-Te University students to create a tricycle for young children. The final solution, constructed out of tubular steel, is a dual functioning tricycle. The tricycle can be transformed into a scooter, allowing the child to decide their mode of transportation. The seat simply folds down and the frame lowered.
Sketch - Quick sketches.
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Kyle Lovett
Product Design Manager Atlanta, GA