Apparatus - Just a little drawing exercise inspired by the famous ( or not so famous ) Samus Aran when transforms into sphere.
Cilindrics - Another exercise trying to simulate some kind of red metal and working on the highlights, it's not really a project.
Cubo armada suiza - An exercise about creating a cube with the esence of "Swiss Army"
Cubosfera - Just love the way cubes make me feel, there is something about them that makes me draw them over and over.
Cubopolis - As described earlier , compositions with cubes are great , here is another sketch.
Spice - A lotion diesgned early on university, just found it and added color.
Foot wear
Envase Stand Alone
Overdrive (me) - My first self protrait... could be improved but for now it's all right.
Jaguar toon
Komodo Render
Komodo Render Mexico, Mexico