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Sketching the fun part!
Working out the concept!
Laser Scan of the final Last design and generating a solid digital model.
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Ask any Climber about their shoes and they will have something to say. The better climber you become the tighter you wear your shoes. In fact so tight they become uncomfortable and need to be taken off between climbs. This practice is widely accepted; if they are comfortable they are too loose, if they are painful they are too tight and if they are uncomfortable they fit.
This Concept Souls, offers a suggestion to climbers that climbing shoe design could be different, a fully adjustable two part shoe. The tensioning strap is directly moulded into the sole, when the strap is pulled tight against the heel, it causes the foot to arch downward into an aggressive stance and when the climber edges on his/her toes the heel automatically takes a portion of the weight and strain from the toes. When the climber wants a break all he or she needs to do is loosen the heel strap to relax the foot.

Konrad Dechant
Industrial Designer Dublin, Ireland