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BEKO entegre - METU BA thesis project june 2003 ANKARA; "integration of washbasin and washing machine for Russian market".
Collaborated with Arcelik A.S
shelf+dishwasher - Recently more people are started to live alone in small studios. Mostly they prefer ready-made cooks or sth. easy to prepare. After the meal finished, dirty dishes are first putten dishwashing machine and lateragain to the shelf. To make this things easier my design suggestion is to combine shelfa & dishwasher in one unit. The product can be installed both horizontally and vertically depending on the space.

"shelf+dishwasher" has ben exhibited in imm cologne/imm cuisinale fair 2005


NOKIA 000 communicator - NOKIA 000 communicator
Foodrest to reduce stress in working and home environments. Connection to the nature by means of warm water with stones / warm sand...
easySERVER - Water jug to serve water easily on the table. Concept has been exhibited in MACEF 2004 Milano Italy

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bonzaitable - bonzaitable; designed to serve more nature in daily life, different plants and flowers could be planted.