Outdoor Board
Outdoor Board Layout--"Sometimes what you sit on is what you stand for"-HAL
"May the yellow lines on your journey through life always be blurred."-Hal
"We don't use funnels for beer bongs, we them for 20W50 as God intended."-HAL
"Somewhere there's a college kid wrestling a stripper in a dealership parking lot"-HAL
"Shouldn't you decide where all roads lead you?"-HAL
"Leather. The only aroma therapy you will ever need."-HAL
"Once you've been out on a Harley do you ever really come back?"-HAL
Used Bike Extravaganza Brochure
Used Bike Extravaganza Ad
Used Bike Extravaganza Ad
Used Bike Extravaganza Digital Outdoor Board "Countdown"
Retail Photography-"Wanted"
Retail Photography-"Four wheels moves the body, two wheels moves the soul"-HAL
Retail Photography-"We don't use funnels for beer bongs, we use them for 20W50 as God intended."-HAL
Retail Photography
Retail Photography-"Sometimes dressing for success involves leather with a lot of zippers."-HAL
Website Design-Home Page
Website Design-Service Page
T-Shirt Design Conceptual
Point of Sale Bike Tag
HAL'S Harley-Davidson

The HAL’S Harley Davidson Campaign was developed around the idea of building equity upon an “own-able wise personality”, HAL. Using HAL as an recognizable, own-able personality differentiated HAL’s Harley-Davidson from its competitors. The campaign materials included Outdoor, Print, Web Design, Environmental Design and Promotional Materials marketing and design.

“Hal’s is a full service dealership and accommodates the whole family, from Motor-clothes® Merchandise & Collectibles, Parts & Accessories, Authorized Harley-Davidson® rentals to new and per-owned motorcycles.”

K8 Prange
Creative Director and Lecturer Milwaukee, WI