Mary K. Blige as Venus - Caricature done on the eve of last year's Grammys, when she seemed to be the ideal woman vocalist with 8 nominations.
Oscars, 2007
Pavorotti - Caricature of Pavorotti. Done on deadline to commemorate his passing.
Peyton Manning - Before the 2007 Super Bowl, the question was whether Peyton Manning would be the hero or the goat.
George Clooney is... Batman! - Caricature of George Clooney as he went from E.R. doctor on tv to Batman in the movies.
Bill Cosby - Caricature of Bill Cosby in advance of his visit to a local venue.
Michael Moore - Caricature of Michael Moore, giving George W. the business, as usual.
Oscars, 2006 - Cariciature for articla about '06 Oscars predictions.
Radio Guys - Caricature of 3 guys who have a radio show about American history.
Paula Deen - caricature of paula deen, tv chef.
Lil Wayne - Caricature of Lil Wayne for story and his Grammy success.
Kerry Talbott
Kerry P. Talbott Illustrations Richmond, VA