Gator football - An alligator helps coach football (part of a caricature of Steve Spurrier, Florida coach)
SPCA - Illustration for story about SPCA blood drive.
Lemmings - Illustration for story about high school kids who tend to follow the crowd and not make up their own minds about their futures.
Monster Safari - Illustration for children's book about monster-hunting.
MOOSE - Illustration for kids' story about how the moose stays warm.
Summer movies - Illustration for story about summer movies 2005.
CD Piracy - Illustration for article about illegal music piracy.
Zombie Shakespeare - Illustration for teen Halloween writing contest.
Lunch! - Illustration for story about how parents decide what will go in their kids' lunches.
Childrens book illustrations
Kerry Talbott
Kerry P. Talbott Illustrations Richmond, VA