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Key elements of Logo Design
Stationery Design
Table Calendar Design
Website for NGO ( Computer Application)
Website layouts for ipad and iphone
Mobile Application Design
Leaflet Design
Poster designs for the campaign " Nothing can replace family. Adopt ".

I think, the main objective of any orphanage is to give every child a family but not to make them more conscious that they are orphans. Toys, food, Education and Shelter may give them happiness and joy but they still miss the love and affection from their family which can never be given until or unless you give them a loving family. This made me to do this campaign...
Poster designs for the campaign "Freeze the smiles ".

These are the designs which were done to RAISE FUNDS by selling the paintings of famous artists and asking them to donate a part of the money to Loving Clouds. As a Fine Art student, I found this as a good way to sell paintings for a good cause.
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Loving Clouds

It's an assignment done when I was in third year of my BFA (Applied Art and Visual Communication). The main task we were asked to do was brand any NGO .

Kranthi Marri
Graphic Designer Doha, Qatar