The most peaceful moment in Canada - i didn't know how beautiful it was. only the picture tells that moment. so, i would like to go there once again.
The old man and the sea in Seattle - A scene of Ernest Miller Hemingway's novel was caught in my viewfinder in Seattle.. I just wanted to catch that moment!
Purple sky
Playful children in Seattle..
One fine day in Vancouver
Silent lake
Lonely heart of the city... - Desolated scenary were spreaded when i had opend my eyes to the street.
Artificial dense forest in the city, Seattle - shadow by trees and plants in the city were so impressive. seeing this may make u feel coolness in summertime... i hope ~
Tombe la neige (the snow is falling)
Greenish lake in Korea - it was like Some one poured green colors. Green is better than red, sometimes. Live in ease & comfort !~
Waiting for sunrising on oneday of new year
A flash of lightning Before thunderstorm
Time to cry - don't be sad !! life is beautiful ~
Anybody there - To your sense of emptiness.
It was beautiful - when i cry, everything seems faint motions like tracing back a vague memory. delete everything i knew.
Wildflowers - when winter comes, every flower is vanishing and relives again in the spring. They were beautiful because it is not artificial. why don't we try to be natural for everything, just for everything...
Time goes by .. - on the way of my home
MEMORIES- on my way of journey
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