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Dual Display
Customize various units such as a speaker sheet and tablet pc.
Get inspiration from the past - Use more human senses to deliever correct information to uers.
Copying NO, Originality Yessss! M S G
Visual watch - - The change of colors by the passage of time. - Shining lines point each hour and minute
Digital Watch (MJ)
02 Mini size - desktop speaker
Portable Projector A handy and a light weight projector Air vent - mid-bottom side One jack for connection jog button for direction and play. A mp 3 player function
Portable Projector
Portable projector #3
Portable Projector - Wood
Marc Newson Chair - Design by Marc Newson
D.S.T #2
Product plus fashion is TRenD
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
yong hwan Kwon
Industrial Designer Suwon-si, South Korea