Kris Black Digital Studio Business Cards - This is my official business card design I use to promote myself. I wanted the design to focus around lettering comics.
Dollar Bin Business Cards - The Dollar Bin business cards are printed on French Paper Company’s SpeckleTone Kraft (100C). It may look like ordinary, paper-thin cardboard but once you lay your fingers on them you realize it’s a super, smooth high-quality, premium paper. This is to offset the grungy, organic brand the Dollar Bin presents.
Flawmark Business Cards - Flawmark is a unique greeting card company that helps people say what they truly want to say. I created the devil mascot and illustrated him for the cards and all other uses. Flawmark's existence is up in the air at the moment.
GSF Lawncare Business Cards - Located in Augusta, Georgia, GSF Lawncare needed new business cards that stood out above their competition.
Business Cards
Kris Black
Web Designer, Author, and Illustrator Columbia, SC