Athenos Hummus OOH - Cab Panels - What better way to get the attention of the 20-something urban woman than to blanket Chicago's cabs and train station with Atheno Hummus' eye-catching, bright green brand color? That, along with the strong pure ingredient claim made for a well-publicized and talked about campaign throughout the city.
Athenos Hummis OOH - State & Lake Station Domination
Athenos Hummus - In-Store Shelftalker - After seeing the messaging all around the city, the target is reminded which hummus is the only one made with 100% olive oil at the purchase point within the grocery store.
Athenos Hummus - In-Store Shelftalker
Athenos Hummus
Kristin Connolly
Creativity + Culture | Storytelling | Human Connection Perth, Australia