Sandwich Makeover - FSI - The Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo product kickoff evolved around four celebrity interior designers giving tips on how "One Squeeze Makes Over the Sandwich." In-Store elements showcased an inspirational workspace featuring the tasty sandwich and corresponding "paint" chips, along with nods to the famous designer. *Art Directed photo shoot and retouching for all program elements.
Sandwich Makeover - Sampler Trifold Booklet
Sandwich Makeover - Sampling Box, Garlic & Herb - Program included a complete takeover of multiple in-store and direct mail sampling elements, aisle violators, product shippers and floor clings.
Sandwich Makeover - Sampling Box, Chipotle
Sandwich Makeover - 3-Panel Aisle Violator
Sandwich Makeover - In-Store Product Shipper
Sandwich Makeover - Promotional Ad
Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo
Kristin Connolly
Creativity + Culture | Storytelling | Human Connection Perth, Australia