Playmill Theater 2012

Season materials for the Playmill Theater—a live theater located in West Yellowstone, MT that has offered rich, family entertainment for nearly half and century. The first part of the project is a collaboration with illustrator, Holly Hibbert. Holly creates the concept with my art direction, then moves on to the illustration. Finally, I add my hand-drawn lettering to the mix. This year I helped with the marquee frame as well—brushing up on my painting skills. These illustrations are featured on the poster, rack card, and cover of Playmill's twenty-four page program. Designing the program presents a fun typographic challenge and opportunity to expand my Photoshop skills through texture, and complicated clipping masks. The patterns for the full spread show pages are also my original work.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Kari Schuerch
Graphic Designer Madison, WI