"Digital Underground - Quit your day job!
O - O'neill Surf Co. Boardshorts
Concrete Passion - Oddsome1085 Skate Tour
Art Direction
Apparel Design
Tour Production
Youthful Imagination
King Baby! - T-shirt design concept for "King Baby"
"Interview" - Designed for LRG, submitted as a resume piece.
LRG Under Construction Page
Johnny Hanson "The Modest Maestro" - My name and design in Riviera Magazine.. Under a Burberry Prorsum Jacket!! :0P
Styled by "The Man!" Albert Mendonca
Black Widows - "King Baby" Scoop neck T design
Look Book Cover
Throw Back to 1985 (Oddsome Look Book)
Oddsome1085 Urban Streetwear
Oddsome Look book
Quiksilver T-shirt design
Art Direction on Oddsome1085 Skate Tour - Jason "Pony" Martinez killing the "flower shop" in SanFran,CA.
Rewind - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino T-shirt Design
Stogies & Murder - T-shirt Design for "Brighton and Fawkes" Carried at Urban Outfitters
Abidextrious - Long Sleeve Slub T-shirt Design for The Branded Collection
Oddsome1085 T-shirt Design
Slum God - The Branded Collection Pocket T-Shirt Design
Reflection - The Branded Collection Design
1940 - EC Star
Watermelon Kix - The Branded Collection
1 up Chucks
Unseen Flavor - Sick Romance
R.I.P. dad - A design in memory of my passed father's heart disease. Michael Masoud Darabi RIP pappa.
Beauty of Sick Romance - Sick Romance
Amizade Apparel
Cookoo Clock Ilustration - EC star tank
Mother - Amizade Apparel
Keep it simple stoopid - Amizade Apparel
Shwing! - Volcom stole this concept from me in 2004! Jerks.
It happens - Sick Romance (for babah)
Reverse your roots
Note To Self - The Branded Collection
Will work for Art - Amizade Apparel
Killer Clouds - Amizade Apparel Original
Go DJ - Amizade Apparel
Keepin' it underground
Killer Tape - Amizade Apparel Original
Open your eyes - Don't be blinded by the media, think for yourself.
Paisley Little bugga
1983 - Amizade Apparel
california dreams
Self portrait of your ignorance - Amizade Apparel
It's ya boy Shabs! - Amizade Tag sample 1
SR Tee Tags - Sick Romance Tee Tags
The initial connection - This design brough Sick Romance into my life, Eric Arias, the owner of Sick Romance..was really feelin' this one, and hired me for 12 more designs...hopefully more to come! GET THAT SH*T ON SUNSET BLVD!
Mushroomies & Pea Poddies - Doodleberries Clothing Co.
Very Berries - Doodleberries Clothing Co.
SR Logo - Sick Romance Type Logo
AXO - Amizade Designs
Apparel Design
Kevin Darabi
Founder / Doodler / Creative Director Irvine, CA