how to make a rain - thanks to all the elephant you bring the rain for us..
beast of the beast
ocean fighter_chapter 1 - this is dedicated for dbh for the gulf. all design dedicated to : All the ocean fighters who has been cleaning up oil spill in the gulf they sacrificed for his life for the nature preservation thanks for your care to earth give standing applause for them...peace
chapter kidnaping - work in progress..chapter 2 marlin fish kidnaping a baby as a hostage, the baby is belong to the owner of oil company marlin's ask demand to the babies owner just cleaning up my ocean! recovery the gulf or i swallowed your son!
chapter 3_Victory! - work in progress..chapter 3 monster of gasoline pump cut in his head victory..victory !
letter to Dali - this is dedicated for Mr. Salvador Dali..why all my clocks is liquid? i can't finished all my work..ouch my due date is over!!
save for the gulf
show me the way
my fav's band
my fav's band
guilty by nature
guilty by nature
cave of freedom
i luv weezer
i luv weezer
when art killing forest
when art killing forest
your pencil is killing my forest :-(
your pencil is killing my forest :-(
pattern sheep
fundamental building
prisoner of the world
aceh tsunami 2004
party political bullsh*t - sir i think you're too many talks n too many lies.. he didn't realize his word make a flood in press conference.. you're toilets face..Sir!
fear is a strenght - fear can make a deep adrenalin for me.. keep struggle
my music is dead
pet cemetery
pencil war
diamond sailor
diamond sailor - sail for a wealth..sail for a better life throwing your dice and catch the chance
my x GF is pregnant
swan n the woman
my country is sick
life after death
sketching elora band
condom's box
how to make a rain
Elora Band - my friend Band's
art work 2
my friend claudia is a bassist
claudia - i make her cartoon
elora fullcolor
elora baby cute
odd elora
nora - Nora is a Pianist
nora cute
elora full color
show me the way_red ridding hood
banana pisa

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