here and there - loneliness in the crowd
still life - 'ghost town' Doel
findings - personal mediamagic-cloud
the promise of summer
Walls & stories
here and there VIII - dreamy childhood
here and there VII - the dream tram
evasiveness of the now
here and there XI - the parade
here and there XII - the parade
still life - 'ghost town' Doel
findings -
here and there IV - to be loved! - ( the stretches we make for love )
here and there XIII - the blue hour
here and there X
here and there - l'icône de Rotterdam
here and there III - eeriness
heading home
findings - the rainy day promenade
here and there - the reveal
findings - dolls pimping out each-other
that goddess with the many hands
veil unveil
here and there
here and there - amor impossible
here and there - amor impossible
here and there - amor impossible
findings - at night the dolls come alive
findings - exuberance in things
findings - extravagance in things
Findings - Maneater
findings - war on love and 'friends forever'
findings - urban delicacies
findings II
ripped - 'ghost town' Doel
those fac(ett)es of what could be ((you)
findings - defrosting the old and new
faring the unknown
here and there VI - friends
here and there V - parallel universes peeling apart
Constructivist photography
constructivist photography
constructivist photography
Constructivist photography
constructivist photography
reflections - le paradis
reflections - l'homme paradis I
reflections - l'homme paradis II
reflections - l'homme paradis III
reflections - l'homme paradis IV
reflections - l'homme paradis V
reflections - into the wild
reflections - album cover
reflections - album cover II
all we have is words...
Run !! !
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Eva-Nina Kunze
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