Quick modeling and rendering

This project showcases a quick presentation technique that I use quite extensively for 3D model presentation. We know that form of an object is defined by the way its surface reflects the light. Form is essentially a combination of light and shadow. But to achieve the desired reflections form any 3D object could be challenging if the 3D model is not near perfect. Moreover setting the rendering parameters in a correct manner often takes up a lot of time. One has to take care of the shader, reflection properties and light sources.
The technique used in this project is more of a short cut to the conventional elaborate process. Creating a basic 3D model, without detailed out features, surface filets and shadows, require less time. If we extract a screen capture of shaded view of the model, addition of clear reflection, shut lines, core shine, highlights and shadows in Photoshop could give the flat image a punch.
Modeling time: 60 mins
Photoshop rendering: 20 mins

Lalit Singhal
UX Designer Tampa, FL