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Turama is an interactive scarf to light your way. It is a pattern of lights that grow up the scarf in separate patterns which create an artwork of light. The pattern grows up the scarf, lighting up more depending on how dark it is. The purpose of this is to enable the user a way to guide themselves in the dark as well as a form of safety. This feeling of safety is brought on by the ability to always see and be seen. Turama is a Maori word meaning to give light to or to illuminate. The word was chosen as the name of my wearable project as it represents everything about my composition. It represents it not only due to its corresponding function of lighting up but also the patterning that is on the scarf and which the LED’s follow. They are formed in six separate patterns which combined make a pattern designed by myself which pulls inspiration from Maori culture. The pattern itself represents me and my design style.

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