Tasco Console Table

Tasco Console for DIA (Design Institute of America)
Designer: Louis A. Lara
Manufacturer: DIA (Design Institute of America)
Materials: Polished stainless steel, cast resin base, glass insert
Dimensions: 72” w. x 18” d. x 30” h.
DIA has introduced the Tasco Console by designer Louis A. Lara. This striking cantilevered
design has been one of the best received new products DIA has ever introduced since it was
founded in 1971. The design features a beautifully crafted, polished stainless steel wedge with
a black glass top insert set into a cast resin base. The base is available with either an ebonite or
black onyx finish.

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Louis A. Lara
Founder and Director of Design at Louis A. Lara Design Wellington, FL