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As the ecological concerns dictate the need to reduce the costs and worth within defined spaces and time limits. I came out with a very simple design. The concept was disclosed and obtained from the function and the nature of the marble stone. The design was meant to be very natural and organic given to the nature of beautiful marble stones. The Marble display in the middle was also inspired from nature, a flower-like display showing marble tiles. At the same time it's edgy and made out of steel . Continuous wooden structure is containing a spontaneous light boxes. Some of the light boxes are just blank, some are used as displays and some are revealing posters. Finally the marble flooring is containing two different colors for the contrast . One line of Beige marble along the stand was to strength the continuous design and make it one spirit. More importantly is that the Company will install this flooring so it will be a such a good deal for them to display their best products.

Larah Burhani
Interior Architect / Interior Designer Dubai, United Arab Emirates