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SunSafe : UV Reader - With the rising awareness of Ultra Violet Light and the effects that it can have on our skin, there is a need for an easy to use device that will teach consumers how to better take care of their skin on a daily basis.
SunSafe is a hand held device that gives the current UV Index, reminds you when to re-apply sunscreen and is programmable to fit your skin's specific needs.
Green Grass Market : A healthy way to eat on the go.
chew-chew : child's place setting - helping children learn to eat on their own. chew-chew brings fun and learning to the dinner table.
Sarnies : a european sandwich bar - Sarnies would be a mall food court tenant that brings a contemporary flare to sandwiches and fast food.
Baker's Choice - Product family of bake ware that makes cooking and clean up easier for today's busy at home chef.
The Baker's Choice line would be found in mall settings.
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Laura Vodzak
Laura Vodzak Cleveland, OH