Gouache, watercolor, and pen.
Ink and oil pastel.
Watercolor, gouache, acrylic, colored pencil and chalk.
Created in Photoshop.
Gouache and acrylic.
Spread concept for a fictional ABCs book. Watercolor, pen, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Op-Ed piece about animal cruelty in circuses. Scratchboard, gouache and Photoshop.
Sold Into Extinction: Piece depicting the plight of the wild tiger. Gouache and drawing ink.
Piece illustrating the importance of insects to all life on earth. Gouache, drawing ink acrylic.
Created in Illustrator.
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Acrylic, colored pencil and oil pastel.
Self Portrait (elderly) Oil pastel and cray-pa.
First Kiss - CD jacket illustration for Tom Waits' single "First Kiss." Acrylic and marker on handmade paper.
The Swarm - Family portrait Drawing ink and watercolor.
Created in Illustrator.
Gouache, acrylic and colored chalk.
Laura Harrigan
iIllustrator & designer Barnstable, MA