The green bottle in fiber form
The green bottle in pellet form.
Presentation Board 1: Background & Research
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Presentation Board 2: Design & Process
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These images show the process of creating our first prototype.

Note: in progress, final model photos still to come
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Green Chili - A Surfboard Bag - UNIFI Repreve

-Fall Semester, Junior-

This was a collaborative project with Philadelphia University and UNIFI Repreve. I was selected from the College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce to participate. My group consisted of industrial design, textile design, fashion design, and Environmental Sustainability majors. The objective was to provide a closed loop product that would add value to UNIFI's company. Doing this, we would need to utilize the recycled green bottle color. This trademark color provided a challenge with its' distinctive mint green pellets and fibers. I was played a major role in the design of the bag as well as the final project presentation.