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Based on inspiration found within rustic store aesthetic, the group created various initial study models. These were the latest three, showing a more specific focus.
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With the study models, we narrowed our focus toward this concept.
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With hardware and PVC, structural testing in full scale allowed us to identify the maximum wear and tear.
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Our display can be adapted to take up a whole room, or just a 3.5' x 3.5' footprint.
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For a full scale 3D prototype, the brief constrained us to a rough 3' x 3' footprint. This layout best illustrates everything our scope of products can do within a small space.
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Use of Solidworks and Keyshot
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The 3D final model. All parts were crafted by hand. The curved horizontal beams were rolled by a company in Lancaster, PA. Everything else was done by hand with hard work!
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Modular Display System

-Fall Semester, Junior-

This was a collaborative project with American Pure Naturals, in order to create an innovative mohair product, as well as display to show it. The three industrial design majors (including myself) were responsible for the graphics and the design of the display, while the Textile and Fashion Industry Management majors focused on the design of the product. This display would be ideal and took inspiration from stores such as Anthropologie and/or Urban Outfitters. While we modeled one configuration of it, the display can take on many different forms. My involvement among this project was spread through out all aspects, but I was the primary creator in the design, the graphical presentation document as well as the graphic boards displayed on the final model