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4+1 Park

PARADESC 2014 - Public Space for Diffable
Location: Bandung, Indonesia
Year: 2014

Status: 1st Prize
1. Ir. Budi Faisal, M. Arch, MLA, Ph.D, IAI.
2. Dr. Christina Gantini, ST., MT., IAI.
3. Gregorius Budi Yulianto, ST., MT., IAI.
4. Pihak Wyata Guna

Raymond San

The site was basically an open space located in Wyata Guna Complex, a school for visually impaired person. It was bounded by 1 m pedestrian path connecting the green space with the main road.
This park, as the transition area for diffable and public place of the city gave the equal treatment for both users. This park was maximized the potential of all human senses beside visual sense, which were sense of touch, smell, hear, and taste.