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Dining Room / Cafeteria - Client: Confidential
In collaboration with Lippincott.

One of two options for a dining space for a project I worked on a couple of months ago. It's always interesting to see how much a color palette can affect how warm or cool a room can look with natural sunlight.
B/OX - shoe store. - A project for school, where we had to help redesign Macy's (Herald's Square) shoe department.
Retail Facades - Playing with shapes... and brand names I love.

A 2-person project:
Design: Lauren Reyes & Chris Organo
3D Modeling: Chris Organo
Rendering: Lauren Reyes

tools: AutoCAD, 3DStudioMax + Vray, Photoshop
a Cake Boutique. - Like a jewelry store ... but with cakes!

Honorable Mention recipient from IIDA/NY in 2010.
a cake boutique. - Honorable Mention recipient from IIDA/NY in 2010.

The concept for this space was based on white fondant :)
B/OX - a shoe store.
shoe boxes.
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Interior Design
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Lauren Reyes
Senior Designer at Kelly Wearstler Los Angeles, CA