Oh Deer

I love doing calligraphy. I love drawing/lettering for clients in any style, even if they are not what I show in my portfolio. But sometimes, I just need my brain cells to rest. Every job or personal project or exercise, requests a part of the brain, knowledge and rationality. But sometimes, I just want to let my head “play”.

Like the layered lettering, or the (not shown here) ball-point pen A4-illustrations I did when I was (a lot) younger, for this piece I decided to follow whatever the stroke lead me to. The edges of the drawing are just a sketch of a deer’s and stag’s head. Whatever I felt like filling the parts with, was up to the feelings between my pen (intuos4) and my subconscious. It’s mostly drawn at 400% in a very pixel-ed view. For some reason that works best for me.

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Laura Serra
Illustration & Lettering Oakland, CA