Yup. That's Katie Couric...
Sifteo Cubes on display at PAX.
Pose with the Mascot I created.
Engadget Live event.
Sifteo crew at CES.
Demo table at CES.
Sifteo Christmas outdoor popup store in downtown San Francisco's Mint Plaza.
Holiday Spirit at the popup store.
The line to play "Ninja Slide" during the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza party event was 30+ people long at PAX.
Maker Faire
Event Design

I designed our booth, created hourly events to draw in crowds, and gave life to a cuddly new Sifteo mascot. Both for Consumer and Industry events.

Events included:
- Holiday Popup Store
- Consumer Electronic Show
- Maker Faire
- Penny Arcade Expo
- Blogher
- Engadget Expand
- Lots of Local events with groups like the GirlScouts.

Freelance, Full-time
Laurie Peterson
Entrepreneurial Leader, Product & Marketing Strategist, Toy Inventor, MBA Santa Fe, NM