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Taxi Conceito Logo - Logo done to my graduation work at design college.
Mini Website coming soon!!!! My very best 6 ConceptCars to production!
Little Einstein - A4 - 2005
V-8 2.4 litre with rotary valves - Less mobile parts,more gas flow in a greater section with less internal obstacles and could be a volumetric compressor at the same part making turbos,blowers,nitro,etc.Obsolete.Generating more power theoretically generates more heat too,but other advantage of the better valves is just that.Breathing better the engine put out the generated heat more efficiently,reducing the amount accumulated at the engine.Any body note the special heaters?I want to know who will understand the scheme!
Cartier Watch - A4 - 2005
Studing big falcons/eagles anatomy, changing some aspects. After several scketing drawings, I did one much more detailed. Done for fun in 1998-99.
Lawrence Jorge RS
Concept Designer Rio de Janeiro, Brazil