Baby Blanket - Digital illustration created for a baby laundry detergent label.
Orchard - Citrus fragrance icon created for room deodorizer packaging graphics.
Daisy Fields - Fragrance imagery created for inside of back label on bodywash container.
Wild Rose - Digital illustration: fragrance icon for bodywash label.
Tropical Punch - Digital illustration: Fragrance icon created for home fragrancer.
Christmas Cookies - Digital illustration created in photoshop to be used as a fragrance icon for a room deodorizer packaging graphics.
Fresh Laundry - Digital illustration created for laundry detergent label.
Lily - Digital illustration: Fragrance illustration created for bath soap packaging graphics.
Hulalamp - Digital illustration: Created for my own amusement based on a photo taken while visiting Galveston, TX.
Chloe - Illustration created in Illustrator and modified in Photoshop.
Lynne Chrapliwy
Artist in Residence at Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society Port Washington, NY