Exhibition invitation (Marshall Arts, 1993) — photography by Tracey Tippett and Shayla Baykal Cipriani
Art exhibition invitation (1999) — images courtesy of NBFGF Archives
Concert handbills (2004)
Trading cards, BIG TOP / ENCORE by Flare Acoustic Arts League (Affairs of the Heart, 2011) — portraits by Alexander Hemming, paintings by Alex Lukas
Art exhibition series (1997) — illustration by Dorothy Wiggin
Change of address card (1993) — images courtesy of NBFGF Archives
Promo card for “I See a Long Journey” by Flare Acoustic Arts League (Affairs of the Heart, 2012) — photograph by Holly McDade
Invitation (1995)
Art exhibition invitation (1989) — photograph by Kelly Costello
Promo card (2004) — photography by Jay Muhlin and Robin Holland
Art exhbiition (1994) — drawings by Pam Butler
Exhibition invitation (1993)
Art exhibition card (1994)
Debutant Ball invitation (1988)
Art exhibition invitation (1994) — tintypes by Chris Schiavo
Exhibition card (1998)
Exhibition opening (1989)
Art exhibition invitation (1988)
Exhibition invitation (1988)
Direct mail promo (1990) — photograph by Miles Hale; drawing by Scott Blake
Art exhibition invitation (1992)
Postcards, handbills and other bits of paper

...greetings from the dead

Freelance, Moonlighting
LD Beghtol
design / music / rhetoric / gingerbread Weehawken, NJ