MWV Natralock® Specialty Branding and Package Design

MeadWestvaco roots are in paper and they manufacturer all types of paperboard used in packaging around the world. One special type of paperboard they are well known for is their Natralock® brand, a very strong and secure package, preventing shoplifters from stealing the product inside.
I created the artwork for this design for it to be used as a sales sample. The diamond in the middle was inside a clear, plastic vac form bubble that was sealed inside the Natralock® board. Illustrating how strong and protective this board could be in a dimensional way.
For this design, the creatives at MWV embedded a security feature as an alternative for the theft deterrent spider wires found on expensive consumer products. The bright, white beam is a visual cue for the alarm tab. When pulled out, it breaks the circuit simulating an attempt to cut open the package, sounding an extremely loud alarm.

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Lee Warchal
Freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer Raleigh, NC